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AfriOceans Update (1 April 2011)

In 2008 after a number of tiger sharks were senselessly killed in Aliwal Shoal, AfriOceans launched a petition for the protection of a number of South Africa’s shark species (see full details here). With the help of others, including Shark Savers, we gathered over 6000 signatures. Gathering signatures, however, is only part of the process and thereafter AfriOceans put a lobbying proposal and plan together with the assistance of Horst Kleinschmidt, AOCA Board Member, and Shaheen Moola, AOCA Legal Advisor, and attempted to raise the necessary funds required to change legislation and drive the lobbying process.

Towards the end of last year we had made what appeared to be positive progress with an international funding agency who wanted to partner with us. Unfortunately, because of instability within the respective and responsible parties at South African governmental level, they pulled out and we were unable to raise the necessary funds. This, however, has not deterred us from our goal and we have subsequently secured two pro bona lawyers who have offered their expertise, and have thus cut costs down considerably, and we have so far raised R15 000 with the support of Wilfred Chivell of Marine Dynamics towards additional expenses. Additional funding is however required.

We had already announced to the press our intentions of progressing with our lobbying campaign, and a plea for further assistance from the general public when soon thereafter we received notification of an Internet post about cowsharks being killed for their livers, which in turn are used by certain white shark cage operators for chum. We were later informed that these few white shark operators responsible had created the demand and that the cowsharks were therefore being directly targeted to meet their demand. We of course find the killing of one shark ecotourist species to support another shark ecotourist industry totally unacceptable, unethical and immoral. We appreciate, however, that the entire white shark industry cannot be tarnished by the questionable practice of a few individuals, and that there is subsequently a process underway to stop the use of cowshark livers for chum amongst all operators. We appreciate the move in this direction and we value what the responsible white shark operators do for raising awareness about sharks, including towards scientific research, and will continue to support these companies.

At the same time, however, since we have for the past 2 and half years been trying to raise resources and expertise needed to gain full protection for this particular species, as well for the tiger shark, bull shark and ragged tooth shark, we stress that of highest priority is not what happens to the animals after they are dead, but rather that they are not allowed to be killed in the first place. What is happening to the cowsharks is indicative of the problem all shark species along our coast are facing, some of which we have listed for protection in our campaign. Should operators stop using cowshark livers for chum they still remain vulnerable to being killed for other reasons. In addition sharks know no borders and we therefore need to gain full protection for these animals.

We are a small organization with limited resources and staff. We, however, with the support of our well respected Board of Directors, have the experience to drive a process of this nature. We therefore urge all those who have an interest in the ocean, as well as all shark diving operators, and SCUBA diving operators in general along the South African coast, to put back into the very resource they depend upon and work with us and assist us in whatever way possible, including in raising funds required to drive this lobbying campaign to conclusion. We are open to sharing our lobbying intentions in detail with any interested parties, including other NPOs, forming collaborations and partnerships with all who wish to constructively assist us with time, money or expertise. We tire of Industry politics and personal agendas which consume energy while our sharks continue to be slaughtered. We hope the industry at large will support us because losing our sharks matters to all of us.


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30 Comments so far:
Terry on 1 April 2011
We want sharks alive! What a shocking story happening right on our doorstep. Having dived with Seven gills and seen first hand these prehistoric, beautiful creatures with a 400 million year old smile, no one has the right to take their lives. Lets lobby for their protection and to extend the Marine portion of the Table Mountain National Park to prevent these beautiful sharks being caught for export to Australia! Its madness
Diane May on 9 April 2011
I am appaled by our lack of humanity sometimes. We are throwing away our natural gifts for immediate gratification of money. What are we leaving behind for our children? Protect sharks and all our marine heritage for tomorrow!
Giovanna Fasanelli on 14 April 2011
Thank for your efforts. May this be successful in protecting these species. I do a lot of diving with sharks around the world and numbers are dropping everywhere. Lets fight for the survival of our south african sharks!!
Brandon Broodryk on 21 April 2011
Kaylin on 4 May 2011
Lets start fighting for these animals
Ashley Crooeks on 22 May 2011
Come on guys, lets band together and help to make a difference. I love diving and if there are no things left in the sea to look at...then what will we leave behind for our children? Just some old photos in a museum...The Divesite magazine is a great free publication helping to raise awareness. Try email the editor and get some subscriptions out to your local schools/library's/friends/families etc and we can make a difference!
Rudi Kruger on 26 May 2011
There is no cure for humanity. These monsters should be skinned alive.
Megan Laird on 18 July 2011
It saddens me how people can kill such placid, beautiful animals. They are a key species in the marine food web and they provide much income through ecotourism. Why ruin all this for an unsustainable fishing practice? Think long-term.
Yusuf Achmat on 5 August 2011
Shaheen are you sure you didnt HAVE THE MONEY DEPOSITED in your banking account the same way you tried to CON both GANSBAAI MARINE & IXIA TRADING your partner in CRIME ASHRAF DAVIDS the FORMER DIRECTOR OF PARAGON & SHELLDOWISELY really taught you well.
bevil wasserfall on 19 November 2011
sharks ned to be protected not destroyed
celia myburgh on 19 November 2011

angelique on 19 November 2011
liz on 19 November 2011
very worthwhile
chris on 19 November 2011
the way the treat the sharks is atrocious,and the being hunted.
Mark Bradfield on 30 April 2012
Its about time the DEA stood up and took some action against illegal catching of GW's. SA might have been first country to protect them but the authorities are making this protection a joke by not prosecuting clear breaches. Enforce the protection, protect the sharks, they are worth more alive than dead.
Kamel on 1 June 2012
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Elena on 28 December 2012
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jonathan klynhans on 7 January 2013
hi guys,I was speaking a friend of mine who went on a deep see fishing mission with a company off the coast of Port Alfred a year ago. he said the fisherman/captain cought in the region of 50 sharks, all very young and beat everyone of them to death sand through them back in the water, in order to retrieve his hooks!! this is a shocking story given the plight of our sharks and I desperately want to expose this kind of behaviour. this is my first time on this blog or a blog of this nature, so please bare with me.
jonathan klynhans on 8 January 2013
hi guys,I was speaking a friend of mine who went on a deep see fishing mission with a company off the coast of Port Alfred a year ago. he said the fisherman/captain cought in the region of 50 sharks, all very young and beat everyone of them to death sand through them back in the water, in order to retrieve his hooks!! this is a shocking story given the plight of our sharks and I desperately want to expose this kind of behaviour. this is my first time on this blog or a blog of this nature, so please bare with me.
Julia Crell on 18 May 2013
Please protect sharks and don't kill them!
Selena on 25 August 2013
THANK YOU!! If there is such a thing as evolution, why are monyeks STILL monyeks?????? The answer is OBVIOUS!! ANYONE WHO THINKS EVOLUTION EXISTS IS GOING TO BE IN FOR A SERIOUS COLLISION WITH **REALITY** ONE DAY!!
Izabelle on 26 August 2013
Bob,I was casting on the beach this mirnong before daylight with my fly rod and not doing too well. Even though it was calm there was still enough surf to make things hard. On top of that the tendonitis (I think that's how you spell it) has flared up from doing so much fly rodding and I didn't have lots of enthusiasm. I gave up on the surf snook in that spot and went to another where the south wall of the Jupiter inlet provides some protection. A sand dredge was pumping sand from inside the inlet to the beach about 200 yards south of where I was and I wonder if the commotion moved the snook out of that spot or whether there was another reason for me not having a hit. Givng up there I thried a third place on Coconut Point which is a part of Dubois Park just as the day broke and nada, zip, zilch. I went home and snoozed in the easy chair until my wife got up and we went for a walk. Can't be a hero every day, but when we are its fun.Very, very soon I'll be out on Lake Michigan; can't wait.
Elena on 29 August 2013
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Aline on 7 September 2013
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