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In summary this campaign is lobbying for:
1. The protection of a number of shark species (see details below), which includes the following two goals:
2. The proper protection of our white sharks, currently being targeted by anglers along our coast;
3. An end to the Sharks Board destroying our tiger shark population and other sharks in the marine protected area, the Aliwal Shoal.

South Africa is considered a shark diving Mecca of the world. Every year thousands of tourists come to South Africa to have a unique diving experience with some of the oceans top predators. This eco-tourist industry brings in millions of Rands of revenue, and provides job opportunities to a country with a high unemployment rate. Sharks most frequently viewed are White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Raggedtooth Sharks, Bull Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, Bronze Whaler Sharks (prime species of the Sardine Run), Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks, and Cow sharks. It is estimated that Tiger Shark diving in Aliwal Shoal generated over R18 million (USA$2.5 million) during 2007, while White Shark cage diving in Gansbaai alone generates approximately R289 million per annum (USA$40 million). One Raggedtooth Shark is estimated to be worth R50 000 per annum (USA$7000) and can live for 40 years or more. In its lifetime it is therefore worth approximately R2 250 000 (USA$310 000).
This same shark if slaughtered will fetch only R1000 once off (USA$140 - shark meat, depending on size and species, is worth only between R3-R18 per kilogram - USA$40c -2.5). Quite evidently, the socio-economic value of a live shark far outweighs the value of a dead shark and the loss of any one of these species will therefore have severe impacts.
Despite this, of the over 200 different species of sharks found in South African waters, only White Sharks, Whale Sharks and Basking Sharks are fully protected. All other species may be legally caught and killed. Raggedtooth Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks have limited protection within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). This limited protection of so few species is of little help since these animals know no boundaries and therefore remain vulnerable outside MPAs.


Added to this, this protection is of little use when the existing laws are not adequately enforced.Since sharks play such a vital role in maintaining the delicate balance of the marine ecosystems there is growing concern as many species worldwide are being driven to the brink of extinction due to unsustainable fishing practices. Given all these facts, it is deplorable that these majestic animals of such high eco-tourist value are still allowed to be slaughtered. The South African government owes it to its citizens, the world and future generations to protect its natural resources, as well as to support the lucrative and high profile shark ecotourism industry, including those who depend upon it for their livelihood.

We therefore demand that the Ministers ensure the protection of the following sharks of high eco-tourist value in the following ways:
1.Tiger Sharks, Ragged tooth Sharks, Bull Sharks, and Cow Sharks may not, under any circumstances, recreational or commercial, be slaughtered and if caught they must be released - this protection to apply not only in all MPAs but in all South African waters;
2.Hammerhead Sharks are given MPA protection (they may not be caught or landed in all MPAs);
3.Blacktip Sharks, Bronze Whaler Sharks and Dusky Sharks are given protection within the Aliwal Shoal MPA (they may not be caught or landed in the Aliwal Shoal MPA);

Furthermore, we demand that: 
Scientific research is implemented in order to set sustainable quotas that will ensure the conservation of the Blacktip Shark, Bronze Whaler Shark and Dusky Shark (approximately 500 tons are caught per anum without adequate scientific research supporting this amount of exploItation), added to this;
AND that the Demersal Longline Fishery may never be allowed to extend beyond East London in order to restrict catches of the Blacktip Shark, Bronze Whaler Shark and Dusky Shark;

In addition we demand that the compliance department immediately launches tangible measures to adequately enforce laws for currently protected shark species both in and out of MPAs.

How to Support this Petition
We cannot wait for government to do something - it will simply be too late. We therefore implore you to help us save our sharks. Our power collectively must not be underestimated. In 2007 and in 2010 petitions we ran were instrumental in helping to stop senseless shark slaughtering competition in South Africa. We believe that with your help we can make a difference again. As of Feb 2011 we already have over 6000 signatures but we would like to increase this to 10 000 before submitting the petition results as part of the lobbying process. Please therefore sign the petition below and forward this link to your friends. Thank you for helping us to help them! 
  • Watch our award winning 'Sharks in Deep Trouble' to find out why we need to protect our sharks. 
  • Make a donation to this cause.



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40 Comments so far:
Cameron Johnston on 11 April 2011
Our sharks are already under pressure from foreign fishing trawlers who indiscriminately rape our oceans for shark fins with almost total impunity due to a lack of government resources to police the huge coastline of our country.We need to do everything we can on every level to protect our vulnerable ocean resources!
Maurane on 11 April 2011
Save The Sharks ! :D
David Ambler on 11 April 2011
Stop it now
Jill Hirschi on 11 April 2011
stop it now before its too late
Nicole Brown on 11 April 2011
South Africa can set the example for other Pacific nations with these protections for sharks, which recognize the importance of sharks in their respective eco-systems, and the health of the oceans as a whole.
Cassie Padilla on 11 April 2011
The slaughter of sharks is completely needless cruel. Save our sharks!!!
terry bull on 11 April 2011
to little to late is being done to prevent the slaughter of sharks
Claire Casey on 11 April 2011
Too often I have spoken out against the slaughter of sharks in our world's oceans. It truly despicable and rarely justifiable to deplete the oceans of a apex predator - an animal of 400 million years who shaped our marine ecosystems - at such an alarming rate for the sake of easy profit. Ruling authorities ought to spend more time looking at the health of our planet's most important ecosystems and less time at their bank balance. We NEED change! Pledge to save sharks in whatever way you can!
Steve Hinczynski on 13 April 2011
The oceans need sharks. The senseless killing has got to stop. Save the sharks!
KY tan on 13 April 2011
save our ecosystem! save them sharks!
Lynzi Leroy on 13 April 2011
Its got to stop before its too late. We need the Oceans to be policed properly to show fishermen that we mean business.
David Desrochers II on 13 April 2011
Please help save our Ocean's, and all that inhabit it by searching for sustainable seafood only.
Capt. Ringo on 13 April 2011
They were there before us. It is their world and they should be left to live in it.
Glenton Combes on 14 April 2011
One of the biggest and most pressing conservation issues today - yet most people remain ignorant and apathetic. Ban the fin trade and foreign trawlers. SA can/should lead the way!
Glenton Combes on 14 April 2011
One of the biggest and most pressing conservation issues today - yet most people remain ignorant and apathetic. Ban the fin trade and foreign trawlers. SA can/should lead the way!
Ken McMurray on 15 April 2011
It's time that mankind's (a misnomer if ever there was one) rape of the oceans is stopped. This barbaric practice for simple bowl of soup needs to be outlawed once and for all.
Jill Hirschi on 4 May 2011
A useless item is destroying our oceans and needs to be stopped
Johan Kleynhans on 7 June 2011
Hi all, did anyone watch that disgusting story on Carte Blanche on Sunday night. They are publicly announcing how dangerous the tiger sharks are and how they are killing surfers in the Port Edward area. How can they be allowed to screen stories like these? this destroys all the hard work you guys are doing to protect these amazing animals!!!!!!!
neil black on 19 July 2011
I only visit countries to view the wildlife and marinelife.if these are being destroyed i will not visit!
Linell van Hoepen on 19 July 2011
We also need to get rid of shark nets, which do not discriminate between protected and unprotected species.
Michnia on 25 July 2011
Just stop it! NOW !
Paul Gilhooley (Shark Tsunami UK) on 5 August 2011
Only when it is too late will mankind realise that the worlds oceans are crucial to the survival of life on the planet.
Sharks play a vital role in the marine eco-system and their senseless slaughter is ignored because of financial greed.
Too often their portrayal as mindless maneaters hampers efforts to make the world sit up and take notice and the mass medias stereotypical views only serve to fuel this image.
Keep up the excellent work guys, the world is beginning to listen, but its a long hard fight ahead.
Just remember to keep the faith :)
Jill Hirschi on 24 August 2011
We need sharks, they don't need us
Declan on 19 November 2011
As a country We need to start now so that the world will follow suit, we need these apex preditors in our oceans, not just so that our children can experience their beauty but also so that the ecosystem in which they are in control, stays balanced and continues to thrive!!! Save the sharks and its home!!!
Scott Sanders on 19 November 2011
Only once the last tree is cut down, only once the last fish is caught, only once the last breath of clean air has been taken. Will man realise that they can not survive of money
Izak on 10 January 2012
Let's be as concerned about our Sharks as we are about the Rhino's!
Rhiannon Ritchey on 25 January 2012
Shark Conservation Group is in total support of your efforts to save sharks in South Africa. We have been working towards very similar goals here in the Caribbean. It is not only to right thing to do, it is imparative for the health of our oceans. Every day we are seeing the devastating effects of the loss of our top predators.
Ivan van Heerden on 24 April 2012
Time to re-task Sharks Board into a scientific organisation charged with protecting and enforcing the MPA's. Using exclusion mechanisms instead of nets and stopping the slaughter of sharks
Fiona Ayerst on 25 April 2012
we need sharks as apex predators to maintain the balance in our oceans and ultimately in our world. The public are sick of all the killing. stop it NOW.
Miles Penfold on 29 April 2012
With the world leading sharkshield technology, developed by the natal sharks board. We have little use for shark nets. This technology can be used to provide safe netless areas to swim in at popular bathing beaches. Come on South Africa lets lead the way...
angie Gullan on 2 May 2012
earth provides enough for mans need, not mans greed. come on humanity - this senseless taking has to stop before there is nothing left.
Analise Marx on 5 May 2012
Thank you Trevor and Terry for your insightfull lecture at our school (Bay College) on Friday. The kids loved it. The sharks are the oceans top predators. Without these keystone animals the whole ecosystem will collapse. Keep up the VERY good work.
John Livock on 6 May 2012
Characteristically the powers to be think that sharks only affect a minority of usÖ. Oh how wrong they are! We need to protect these magnificent species before itís too late.
Simon du Plooy, Nelspruit on 10 May 2012
Great project all of you, and Trevor I hope you get all those records you are going for
Angie on 20 May 2012
Tourists need to be made aware that the sharks live there, if you want to swim, it is at 'your own risk', the cost of shark nets could better be spent on education for tourists and perhaps building beautiful rock pools, or seawater pools.
Nets are criminal.
All sea creatures need to feed and roam, we take their food and wonder why they have to come looking for a meal.
Respect to all living creatures....
Paul Coughlan on 31 May 2012
Stop the slaughter now! We owe it to our kids!!!
Louise on 8 June 2012
This cruel shark finning thing should be illegal worldwide. How can this still happen today? Sharks need our help and we need to save them. Anyone who kills a shark should be thrown into jail. on 2 July 2012
great what ur doing i just saw shark warrors shark finnig clip finning live shark and wasting the rest. somethimg needs to be done about the japs. here i want to start a demand for baby jab arm soup. a whole generation of armless japs no whale killing no shark killing no rhino killing just armless japs. i cant believe the sick fuck that can fin a live shark and the kick it overboard. not even killing it u fn pussy. at least kill it and use the meat for something. something very wrong with them jap fucks. i am not a racist person they just happen to be the ones driving this killing crap for nothing. so i want baby jap arm soup!
Maria Teresa Scarabello on 2 September 2013
I read an article about the organisation and the charming character of Lesley Rochat which explain the aim of AfriOceans. Unpleasently the writer tried to put in a bad light the point of view that Lesley suppport and I was so upset about it that I look for this site and get literate a bit. At last I have only to thank the reporter, to let me sign this truthful petition.
oboopjxgcg on 12 January 2014
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